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Expected Results - Bonnie Wild Career Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting
Expected Results

In working with Bonnie, you can expect to see results. The following are just some of the quantifiable results she's attained with her clients:

  • Heightened invigoration and motivation in succeeding in career
  • Increased revenue
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Improved work quality
  • Increased passion and enthusiasm in work
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhanced ability to embrace change
  • Specific networking process
  • Improved customer service
  • Greater team work satisfaction
  • Better and more appropriate self-expression

Here is what her clients are saying:

Bonniw Wild - Speaking"I have had the pleasure of working with Bonnie for the last four years personally and professionally. Personally, Bonnie provided clear, relevant business coaching to support my career aspirations post MBA graduation. Her coaching supported my promotion from senior manager to partner in my firm. Her approach is direct, candid, and actionable - focused on building plans outlining how to get to results. On the professional side, I hired Bonnie to facilitate my leadership team's strategic planning offsite. Bonnie brought relevant team building techniques, coupled with a deep understanding of how to motivate and lead a new team transitioning from one leader to another. My team successfully designed a relevant business strategy and is executing for the first time as a high performance team." Antonia Cusumano Binetti, Haas MBA, Partner – Bay Area Management & Technology Consulting firm.


"I remember the day Bonnie Wild changed my life. We were sitting in a coffee shop in Berkeley talking about my career and next steps. Bonnie had me draw a pie chart of my life and divide it between school, career, family, and volunteer work. This simple exercise illuminated my priorities and gave me a greater sense of self when pursuing job opportunities. Since then, she has helped shape my career, but not just as a job; she helped shape my career grounded in my life as a wife, a mother and an individual. Bonnie Wild changed my life and I am forever grateful." Gayle Miller, Executive, State of California


"I am honored to write this recommendation for Bonnie Wild. Bonnie has provided expert career coaching services to me since 2008. Her involvement completely changed my approach to career management and the results were immediately positive. Bonnie's big advantage as a career coach is that she has global business experience working at J&J and understands the nuance and complexity of career development and management across industries and job functions.

"Bonnie communicates using a direct, honest and compassionate style. She calls it as she sees it and likes to get to the point right away. In this economy, business models are evolving rapidly and the types of skills required are in a constant state of change. Bonnie is naturally wired to navigate in this dynamic environment and help others see their way through the maze. She is best-in-class at her job!" Marcus, Financial Executive


"With many years of on-the-ground business experience, Bonnie Wild provides straight forward and unique state-of-the-art support to those who are searching to fine-tune their business and leadership skills with the knowledge, they won't easily find in any business book or hear in any college auditoriums." Dr. Pinker Wolfram, Managing Director, Rainforest Alliance


"Bonnie Wild brings a unique blend of business skills and psychology to coaching leaders. I met Bonnie four years ago when I was in the Berkeley-Columbia MBA program, and her coaching has directly impacted my ability to achieve key goals, both personal and professional. Her personality and demeanor are authentic and warm, but she will hold you accountable! She is able to push people beyond their current limitations to truly achieve their dreams." E. Watkins, Sr. Vice President, Product Development & Innovation, Corporate Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle


"Bonnie's seminars deliver tremendous value. After attending her "Marketing Yourself" workshop, I used her advice to improve my relationship with my boss and achieve a job promotion. Since then, Bonnie has repeatedly advised me on prioritizing my life goals, negotiating job offers, and ultimately making wise career decisions." Elizabeth Seidelhuber Sordi, Senior Product Manager, Delta Dental


"Whenever I have a critical career question my first call is to Bonnie. Her ability to quickly frame the issue, formulate a solution, and provide solid, actionable counsel is essential to my success. I can't imagine getting ahead in my career without having Bonnie there to help guide the way." Dave Binetti, Successful Entrepreneur


"I first heard about Bonnie through a classmate who said, "If you really want a challenge, you should sign-up for a mock interview with Bonnie." Bonnie's no-nonsense approach challenged me to improve beyond what I have always considered decent interview skills." Melanie Oei, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, MBA Candidate 2009

"I met Bonnie during a time when my career was in turmoil. I was desirous of a professional change yet was both emotionally and organizationally unprepared for the transition. Bonnie helped me find direction, worked with me to put structure around my career search and mentored me through the difficult swings of networking, interviewing and sifting through unfamiliar opportunities. Less than a few months later I was on an entirely different path. I was focused, organized and enthusiastic and not long after found myself swimming in career possibilities. I'm now CEO for a new venture and have a thriving personal consulting practice. I would recommend Bonnie as a career coach to anyone." CEO new venture, JL


"Yes, I have met with Bonnie Wild a few times and she's great.  I would definitely recommend her to others who are looking for guidance in their job search and/or figuring out 'what they want to do with their life'.  She's been in the trenches and understands the business world from a 'peer' perspective so she brings great insight to the challenges someone like me faces during what at times can be a very overwhelming process: redefining oneself, reframing one's prior experiences, figuring out what really matters and what is just noise and, of course, the 'mandatories' of resume development and personal positioning/selling.  She's also a great motivator and has made herself available via phone in between our in-person sessions to discuss 'real-time' issues that arise during the job search process, which has been extremely helpful." JLConsulting, Principal