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University and Business School Programs - Bonnie Wild Career Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting
University and Business School Programs

The Haas UC Berkeley Career Services Program is one of the most prestigious university career support centers in the country. Bonnie is honored to be an adjunct advisor at U.C Berkeley, where she partners with the university to present and develop programs to help prepare students for a lifetime of opportunity. Her poignant stories and advice have helped many students achieve career success. Bonnie also works with Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Partial list of programs:

Job Search in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

With the significant changes that are currently underway in the economy, this workshop will provide a proven process to help participants better understand and utilize the various tools and resources available for them to successfully job search, network, and manage a successful career. Learn how to leverage resources to the best of your ability in order to find the perfect opportunity in this economy.

Building Your Brand

Creating your Career Brand is much more than just words on a resume. What do you stand for? Where do your greatest strengths lie? Learn how to develop your brand and consistently communicate your high-value and key transferable skills and accomplishments. In this workshop, Bonnie discusses the importance of aligning one's resume, cover letter, phone pitch, elevator pitch, and interviewing style, to communicate a consistent message.

Improving Your "Chances" of Career Success

Professionals believe that chance encounters have played a significant role in determining their ultimate career path. Is it chance, or could it have been choice? Could these "chance encounters" have been carefully planned? Do you feel comfortable marketing yourself? This workshop gives you the tools and the confidence to optimize this critical skill. Individuals will also learn how to work toward moving into new career areas as well as put together a plan for promotion from within their organizations.

Building Bridges through Networking

Build it before you really need it. You don't want to find yourself in need of a job, and looking around for a place to start at the same time.

There really is an old boy's and girl's network. This network has helped people get internships, interviews and prime jobs. How will you develop intimate relationships with colleagues, friends and mentors that will prove invaluable on your road to success?

Business Plan for Life

This program leads a group through a step-by-step plan to facilitate a journey to and through success. Bonnie shares a compilation of fact-based information gleaned from her own experience as well as from interviews with other fortune 100 women executives that have been climbing the ladder for the past 25+ years.

Creating Balance

As our modern lives have become more complex and filled with conflicting pressures, it is paramount to understand how to balance all aspects of one's life in order to achieve well-rounded success. Learn how to evaluate and weight all aspects of your life, career, family, free time and overall life success and satisfaction.

Salary Negotiation - The Neglected Competency

Most people leave money and benefits on the table when they negotiate their compensation - don't let this happen to you. What is really included in "salary"? Learn the tools, insight, and negotiation power needed to walk through the process of a salary negotiation for a new or existing position.