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Individual Career Coaching - Bonnie Wild Career Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting
Individual Career Coaching

Finding the perfect career fit is not a pipe dream; a clear organization of a client's priorities can create exciting new realities.

Bonnie offers one-on-one coaching and consulting to help individuals reach their career and life aspirations. She has worked with clients on the following kinds of topics:

  • Job Search in a Time of Economic Uncertainty
  • Building your Brand – Marketing Yourself
  • Improving your Chances of Success
  • Salary Negotiation - The Neglected Competency
  • Comparing Job Opportunities through Prioritization of Needs
  • Creating your Business Plan for Life
  • Finding Life Balance – Restructuring the Day to Day to Maximize Potential
  • Unlocking the Talent Within

Initially, Bonnie meets with her clients individually to identify needs and to develop a tailored plan. Be it to find a new job within a current field or switch careers entirely, Bonnie helps her clients clarify their goals and work out specific details on how to accomplish them. Some individuals need to improve networking and interviewing skills, and Bonnie's years of work with major corporations bring key insights. And there is no reason that a professional should not get that well-deserved promotion. With the right attitude and work ethic, "promotability" is a guarantee, not just a possibility.

Hear what her clients are saying and the results you can expect.